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We Care, You Matter!


We have a Leadership Philosophy that we stand behind:

  • Inclusive Approach: An unwavering commitment to culturally safe, sensitive and inclusive methodologies, setting new standards in training and consulting.

  • Community Involvement: Our CEO, Dr. Demmery's dedication extends beyond Burbirra, notably through her active leadership role in the Spirit Hive charity, championing healing and empowerment.

  • Empathy and Resilience: We are advocate for a leadership style that is grounded in understanding, resilience, and deep empathy, impacting both interpersonal and organisational dynamics.

Helping You Be:
Seen. Safe. Strong.

Counselling, Training, Facilitation

Whatever you need to elevate the social and emotional wellbeing of your staff.

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Burbirra delivers impactful training and development programs specialising in trauma and healing, cultural awareness, and essential soft skills. Our objective is to empower individuals and teams with the knowledge and confidence to excel in diverse environments. We offer customized workshops, immersive learning experiences, and ongoing professional development support.

Our programs in trauma and healing address the impact of trauma and promote recovery strategies, while our cultural awareness training fosters respect and inclusion. Our soft skills training enhances communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

Having successfully trained hundreds of participants, our programs receive consistently positive feedback for their relevance and engaging delivery. Government agencies partnering with Burbirra benefit from our tailored approach and proven expertise, ensuring training outcomes that align with organizational goals and community needs.



Ensuring a mentally healthy workplace, Burbirra provides comprehensive Mental Health First Aid training tailored for government agencies. Our primary objective is to equip staff with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify, understand, and respond to mental health issues in the workplace. Our services include certified training programs, workshops, and ongoing support to develop mental health literacy and intervention strategies. By engaging Burbirra for Mental Health First Aid, government agencies can benefit from our expertise in mental health education and support. Our training enhances staff confidence in managing mental health crises, promotes a culture of support and empathy, and contributes to the overall well-being and productivity of the workforce. This proactive approach ensures a safer, more inclusive, and resilient work environment, aligning with broader public health and organizational well-being goals.



Empowering leaders to excel, Burbirra offers executive coaching services designed to enhance the leadership capabilities of government executives. Our objectives focus on developing strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and effective decision-making skills among senior leaders. We provide a range of services, including one-on-one coaching sessions, leadership assessments, tailored development plans, and performance feedback. By engaging Burbirra for executive coaching, government agencies can benefit from our extensive experience in leadership development and organizational dynamics. Our coaching approach fosters personal and professional growth, enhances leadership effectiveness, and drives the achievement of organizational goals. This investment in executive development ensures that government leaders are equipped to navigate complex challenges, inspire their teams, and deliver exceptional public service outcomes.



Enhancing cultural safety, competence and inclusion, Burbirra offers specialised cultural services designed to support government agencies in fostering respectful and effective interactions with diverse communities. Our objectives include promoting understanding of cultural protocols, increasing awareness of cultural diversity, and integrating culturally responsive practices into everyday operations. Our services encompass cultural awareness training, community consultation, development of culturally appropriate resources, and ongoing support for policy implementation. By engaging Burbirra for cultural services, government agencies can benefit from our profound knowledge of cultural dynamics and community needs. Our expertise ensures that policies and programs are culturally informed and respectful, leading to improved community relations, enhanced service delivery, and a more inclusive and equitable public sector.



Navigating the complexities of business development and support, Burbirra is committed to empowering organisations with the tools and strategies necessary for sustainable growth. Our objectives focus on enhancing operational efficiency, market positioning, and overall organizational performance. We offer a suite of services including strategic planning, market analysis, financial management, and capacity building tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Engaging Burbirra for business development and support ensures that Departments and community can leverage our extensive expertise to drive innovation, improve service delivery, and achieve long-term objectives. Our approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement, resilience, and adaptability, ultimately contributing to the broader goals of economic development and public service excellence.



At Burbirra, our cultural supervision services are tailored to support Aboriginal staff and their supervisors in fostering culturally safe and inclusive workplaces. Our objectives are to enhance understanding, respect, and effective communication between Aboriginal employees, peers, colleagues, or supervisors, ensuring that cultural needs and perspectives are acknowledged and integrated into daily operations. We provide comprehensive services, including one-on-one supervision sessions, cultural competency training, conflict resolution, and tailored guidance for managing culturally specific challenges.


By engaging Burbirra for cultural supervision, government agencies can benefit from our deep expertise in Aboriginal cultural practices and workplace dynamics. Our services promote a supportive and respectful work environment, improve staff well-being and retention, and contribute to the overall effectiveness and cohesion of government operations in culturally diverse settings.



At Burbirra, our grant assessment services are designed to optimise the allocation of government funding through meticulous and objective evaluation processes. Our primary objective is to ensure that grant applications are reviewed with the highest level of integrity, transparency, and adherence to funding guidelines. We offer comprehensive services that include eligibility verification, detailed scoring based on predefined criteria, thorough risk assessments, and insightful recommendations for funding decisions. By hiring Burbirra for grant assessments, government and community agencies can benefit from our extensive experience in handling diverse funding programs, ensuring fair and equitable distribution of resources. Our services enhance the accountability and efficiency of the grants process, ultimately contributing to the achievement of strategic government priorities and community development goals.




Empowering Your Department to Achieve Excellence

1. Bespoke Training Solutions: Tailored to Your Needs
We get it—every department or organisation is unique. Our training isn’t cookie-cutter; it’s crafted specifically for you. Whether you need to address trauma awareness, cultural sensitivity, staffing challenges or mental health first aid, we design our programs to tackle your specific challenges head-on, ensuring your team gets exactly what they need.

2. Unmatched Expertise: Leaders in Our Field
Our team is packed with professionals who are at the top of their game in trauma, cultural training, and mental health. When you choose Burbirra, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge strategies that empower your team to handle any situation with skill and confidence.

3. Practical, Hands-On Learning: Real Skills for Real Situations
We believe in learning by doing. Our training sessions are interactive and packed with real-world scenarios, giving your team the chance to practice new skills in a safe environment. This approach ensures they can hit the ground running and apply what they’ve learned immediately.

4. Ongoing Support: We’re With You All the Way
Our commitment doesn’t end when the training session does. We provide continuous support, from follow-up sessions to additional resources, ensuring your team can sustain and build on what they’ve learned. We’re dedicated to your long-term success.

5. Team Building and Morale Boost: Strengthening Bonds
Our training isn’t just about skills; it’s about bringing your team together. Shared learning experiences foster stronger relationships and better communication, creating a more cohesive and motivated team ready to tackle any challenge.

6. Culturally Safe Environment: Inclusive and Respectful
We pride ourselves on creating a training environment where everyone feels respected and valued. Our culturally safe approach ensures that all participants can engage fully and benefit from the training, regardless of their background.

7. Proven Impact: Results That Speak for Themselves
Our track record is stellar. Government departments and organisations we’ve worked with consistently report improved performance, better team dynamics, and a greater ability to meet their goals. When you choose Burbirra, you’re choosing a partner with a proven history of success.

What’s In It For You?

  • Enhanced Workforce Skills: Boost your team’s abilities in critical areas, leading to a more effective and efficient workforce.

  • Better Employee Well-being: Our focus on mental health and supportive training environments improves overall well-being and resilience among your staff.

  • Operational Excellence: Equip your team with practical skills that enhance daily operations and strategic initiatives.

  • Positive Work Culture: Foster an inclusive, supportive workplace that boosts morale and retention.

Transform Your Team with Burbirra

Choosing Burbirra means investing in a future where your department thrives. Let’s work together to create a powerful, skilled, and cohesive team ready to achieve excellence.

We Care Because You Matter.

Our Team

Below is the Burbirra Team. We are passionate about helping you succeed. The team brings over 3 decades of experience, knowledge and skills to the table, and it's all to help you and your organisation to win. 

compressed Karens pink circle artwork-min.png
Karens pink circle artwork.png

Image Gallery

Below is a brief snapshot of what Burbirra staff have been up to. 

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Best Training Ever

This training was life changing. It was explained in a way i have never had before. Simple terminology and relevant examples. I would encourage everybody that is working with any client base to do this training.

Jo B

Learned a lot.

The Trainer kept us engaged and the delivery was excellent. 

Damien R.


Awesome. You are down to earth, sense of humour is great, thank you for leading me to take the first step on my healing journey and being so supportive. 

Gary A

Really Enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the training. It made me think a lot about my life.Do yourself a favour and attend a training as soon as you can.  

Darren L.

Fantastic Delivery

Training was brilliant. The way Karen explained what was happening in my brain and how it showed up in my day was both challenging and eye opening. 

Sally L



Kelly D


Valued Partnerships



compressed Karens pink circle artwork-min.png
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